How to Treatment of Jellyfish Stings

The jellyfish will leave straight tentacles on the wound or straight even burn lines. Unless stung during certain periods when the jellyfish is relatively dormant, the sting will bring on almost instantaneous pain of such intensity that the victim will faint. Many such cases have been confused with a major heart attack.

The toxin is relatively short lived. It works primarily on the central nervous system, causing paralysis to extremities followed by progressive paralysis of the vital functions until death occurs.

Treatment will almost invariably consist of C.P.R. to maintain the victim's vital functions on his behalf until the toxin has degenerated to a level where it breaks down and allows restoration of these functions.

When using these, it must be stressed that the antitoxin itself is a particularly heat sensitive drug and must be kept at the correct temperature at all times. It must also be stressed that this antitoxin must only be used when a positive identification has been made.

Under no circumstances, touch, or allow any other person to touch the wound sites or any remaining tentacle, as the result will be akin to that of the original victim.

It has been suggested that if the victim can be kept functioning for a period of ten minutes through C.P.R., there is a very good chance of survival. Once stabilized, treat as for normal stings.

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